Century City Center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the new project different from the previously approved one?
    The Constellation Park project was approved in 2006 for the vacant site on the corner of Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars. The approved condominium project has two 47-story residential towers and a 12-story loft building, totaling 1.4 million square feet. Century City Center is 40% smaller than the already approved residential project and includes a 700,000 square foot, 37-story office building and an approximately 10,338 square foot one and two-story creative office as well as 17,102 square feet of retail space and a 2,389 square foot mobility hub to serve all of Century City.
  • How many jobs and how much revenue will the project create?
    Century City Center will create 6,000 jobs upon completion during construction and operations. It will also generate $4.3 million to the City every year and generate $400 million in annual economic activity throughout the county.
  • Is the project following the rules of the Specific plan?
    Yes. Century City Center will be built below allowed density and will conform to the Specific Plan without need for amendment.
  • What is a transit-oriented project?
    A transit-oriented project or development is a project that is near or connected to a transit center and encourages the use of alternative forms of transportation, including public transportation, carpooling, biking, and walking. Century City Center will feature a large public plaza that will take advantage of existing transit options, as well as provide a ready connection to future advances as a potential portal location for the planned Purple Line Subway station. One of the key ways that the project will encourage transit use is the inclusion of a 2,389 square foot Mobility Hub to assist the 50,000 employees who work in Century City and who want to get out of their cars and use alternative commuting strategies.
  • How will the project attract high tech and media businesses?
    Our goal with Century City Center is to create an iconic building that will be the headquarters for high-tech and media businesses and will include several elements that these types of businesses require in a headquarters building. Many companies today are looking for a building that is green and Century City Center will be the first high-rise office building in Los Angeles, and only the 8th in the nation, designed to meet the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. In addition, the building includes state-of-the-art infrastructure to support trading and communications, loft-type creative space to compete with other sub-markets and perfect for high-tech start-ups, a campus-like environment to encourage interaction between and within organizations, a private screening room designed to accommodate media companies, and luxury amenities like private gardens which are necessary to attract premier businesses.
  • Does the project rely on the subway station being approved?
    The project does not rely on the Westside subway extension coming to Century City but rather allows for the option to create the station at the property. The project includes a Mobility Hub and the option for the Century City TMO to be located in the plaza. Both of these services are targeted to the almost 50,000 employees who travel to and from Century City and offer them services to make transit easier.
  • What impacts will there be during construction?
    The modified project is 40% smaller and will have a significantly smaller construction process. Before beginning construction, we will have to create a construction management plan that will address the impacts during construction.
  • Will you be adding parking to the area?
    The project includes approximately 1,530 parking spaces, which meets City code.
  • Will the public have access to the gardens and courtyards?
    As an additional amenity to the almost 40,000 square foot public plaza area, Century City Center's 2.14-acre landscaped green roof deck on the parking structure would be open to members of the public between 6 am and 8 pm, seven days per week.

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Sarah Shaw, Vice President, Development and Operations, takes a moment to answer some commonly asked questions about Century City Center.

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