JMB Realty's Century City Center is proud of its relationship with the local community and residents and is working closely with key partners to promote outreach and green development throughout Century City.


JMB Realty is proud of our relationship with the local community and residents

Throughout the Century City Center planning process, JMB Realty has been able to successfully address the concerns of eight of our closest Homeowner Associations that represent thousands of residents.

Tract No. 7260 Association, Inc. California Country Club Homes Association Cheviot Hills Home Owners’ Association, Inc Home Owners of South Westwood, Inc., dba Westwood Homeowners Association Cheviot Hills Traffic Safety Association West of Westwood Homeowners Association Westwood Gardens Civic Association, Inc. Overland Avenue Community Comstock Hills Homeowners Association Motor Avenue Improvement Association Comstock Hills Homeowners Association

Here is what the Homeowner Association Boards said about Century City Center and JMB

  • "We believe that the current proposal’s primarily commercial office uses are more appropriate for this long-vacant site in Century City’s commercial core."

    Chevoit Hills Homeowners Association

  • "Century City Realty [JMB] has remained an outstanding corporate neighbor during the planning process of the Century City Center project, and through this development will continue providing significant benefits to the community and local community organizations."

    West of Westwood Homeowners Association

  • "They have successfully resolved all of our concerns about the Century City Center project, and we believe this is the right project with the right mix of commercial uses for this site."

    Comstock Hills Homeowners Association

Thank You For Your Support

Thanks to Community Leaders and Organizations Throughout Los Angeles as well as the Century City and Westside Communities, Century City Center was Approved in January of 2015. JMB Realty conducted significant outreach within the community and with stakeholders and received support from dozens of important organizations and community groups.

Century City Center Supporters
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